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Dating back to the 1930s, when Pittsburgh’s “Strip” District was still the exclusive turf of wholesalers delivering produce out of mammoth brick warehouses, the “All-In-One” sandwich was aimed at a fail-proof market.  For the truckers, who were “Strip” royalty, nothing tasted better than the meat-and-potatoes meal they could hold in one hand while they steered.  Now Giordano Bros. version of the Pittsburgh sandwich is consumed by local sports fans, business people and students in San Francisco.


The secret?  Take two thick slices of Italian bread.  Top with your choice of grilled Italian meats and melted provolone cheese.  Pile on some freshly cut fries, olive oil and apple cider vinegar coleslaw, and then serve on wax paper.


Giordano Bros. owners, Allison Jordan, Jeff Jordan, and Adam DeMezza have brought these sandwiches to San Francisco’s Mission District.

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